Todays Hours: 7AM / 1PM

The Most Exciting Breakfast on the Grand Strand

Let's face it. Most breakfast places are dull and boring and the food... well, it just plain sucks. So, maybe your Grandma wants you to take her out to the breakfast place with the gift shop or Uncle Bob's Flapjack Castle - home of the $1.69 senior breakfast plate. Well, we said forget that (we still love your Grandma) it's time for another option. We wanted more than another "Waffle House" in an Ocean of Waffle Houses. We wanted something besides our amazing coffee that would wake up your tastebuds. We wanted a lively, modern atmosphere with good tunes to get those eyes open. We literally have flat screen televisions all over the place so you can catch up in the morning and our food...well, that's the best part. We offer menu service for breakfast and lunch and we invite you to come down and let us rock your socks off!