Todays Hours: 7AM / 1PM

Rockin Waffle History

In the summer of 2017, we saw a need for a different kind of breakfast and lunch spot here in Myrtle Beach. One with a modern, upscale interior that woke you up instead of putting you back to bed. One where you can see our massive televisions in every direction. One where the food ROCKS! Over the summer, Rockin Waffle opened for a few weeks for some menu testing and dry runs. It went over so well that people were upset when we closed.

Our dining room can accommodate up to 300 people. During the Summer season we offer a buffet on weekends that will rock your world. Fear not if you’re not quite a buffet person, as our menu also has creative breakfast and lunch specials like our Waffle-Sandwiches. So, no matter which appetite you bring we have something for you!